WATCH: Erwin Tulfo Exposes Alleged Housing Anomaly Of The Aquino Administration In Jolo, Sulu

The Tulfo brothers has been consistent in showing their support in the current administration. They are known to have no fear when going up against opposing sides and even revealing the corruption of the past administration.

Just today, Erwin Tulfo uploaded a video wherein he exposed the alleged anomaly that the Aquino administration did to Jolo, Sulu.

According to Tulfo, Aquino did not only steal from Luzon, but also in Mindanao too.

In the video, Tulfo is seen to show a housing project that the Aquino administration funded in 2014 for the police and soldiers in Sulu. But the problem is, the houses do not have rooms, restrooms, water and electricity.

He even said that given the state that the houses are in, it is even better to live in a pig pen than there.

What puzzles Tulfo the most is that the government during the Aquino administration supposedly funded 500 houses to be built. And yet, upon checking, only 200 houses were finished.

He is wondering where the funds went since only 200 were built and the ones that were built can't even be called a normal house.

The post of Tulfo got a lot of traction from the netizen, as of this writing it has been posted 2 hours ago and yet it already has 10k+ shares!

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

Source: Erwin Tulfo

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