President Duterte Bursts In Anger For OFW Death In Kuwait: “The Filipino Is No Slave”

“The Filipino is no slave to anyone, anywhere and everywhere.”
These are President Rodrigo Duterte’s angry words as he lamented the death of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Kuwait last Friday.

President Rodrigo Duterte shows a photo of a Filipina worker in Kuwait, of whom he said she had been “roasted like a pig”, during a press conference in Davao City, in the southern island of Mindanao on February 9, 2018.

He said that he is ready to take drastic steps in order to stop losing lives of OFWs working in Arab nations and the Gulf state.
“Every unlawful physical injury inflicted on an OFW is an injury I personally bear as the head of this republic. Every abuse committed to an OFW is an affront against us as a sovereign nation.”
This anger came about as he learned about the death of Joanna Daniela Demafelis. The OFW in Kuwait, whose body was stuffed into a freezer and left in an abandoned apartment.
He showed photos of some other OFW victims and couldn’t hide his anger from what they have experienced.
“I was reading this report complete with pictures sa eroplano. P****g i*a. Hindi ko masikmura. It is totally unacceptable to me. Kung wala rin ako magagawa sa Pilipino, tapos ganito, eh wala din akong silbi dito sa pagka-presidente.”
He said that he didn’t want to quarrel with these oil-rich countries, but is confused why these Middle East governments are oblivious about these cases.
“What are you doing to my countrymen? And if I were to do it to your citizens here, would you be happy?” Duterte asked.
“Parang pinirito, nilitson. Is there something wrong with your culture? Is there something wrong with the values? P***** i** plinantsa ‘yung katawan.”
With that, the deployment ban of OFWs to Kuwait has been reinforced last month. He also asked Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello to work on the cases of those who want to come home, within 72 hours.
“Everyone who wants to come home, I said to [Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III], those who want to be repatriated, with or without money, I will ask PAL (Philippine Airlines) and Cebu Pacific to provide the transportation. I want them out of the country, those who want to go out, in 72 hours,” the President said.

Source: PCOO

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