DDS Blogger Reveals Why VP Leni Should Not Block a Simple Recount & Accept BBM's Challenge

Cebu-based columnist and considered as one of the DDS bloggers, Mike Acebedo Lopez revealed the reasons why Vice Pres. Leni Robredo should block a simple recount and accept the challenge of Sen. Bongbong Marcos.

According to Mike Lopez, if VP Leni is confident enough that she really won the Vice Presidential race and isn't afraid of the truth, she would never try to delay the proceedings of vote recount.

Although the DDS blogger suggested to VP Leni to face the truth and accept the challenge, VP Leni's lawyers, through their motions are doing everything they can to stop the Presidential Electoral Triunal from finally putting the issue to rest.

Know More About the Suggestions of Mike Lopez by reading his statements below:

Simple lang naman eh. If Leni isn’t afraid of the truth, if she is confident that she actually won, she won’t block a simple recount.

But as it is, her lawyers, through their motions, are doing everything they can to stop the Presidential Electoral Tribunal from finally putting the issue to rest.

Alam niyo, if I won something, I’ll gladly have all of you revisit my victory—recount whatever needs to be counted again—so the sore loser who can’t accept defeat can be humiliated a second time. That’s the best way to shut the opponent up. (I’d be all like, “Oh, ayan, told you so... I won, saksak mo sa baga mo!”)

Unless of course if, like Leni, you’re obviously hiding something. And Noynoy’s classmate who is the SC justice overseeing this is helping her camp suppress the truth.

Parang sa BIR lang ‘yan. May problema sila sa tax mo, then open your books. Show it. Kaya Leni, accept the challenge!

Source: Mike Lopez

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